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Single Use Hollow Fibre Crossflow Filtration

Green Line Hollow Fibre Cartridges

The Green Line hollow fibre cartridges and assemblies offer a true single use crossflow system.

Gamma irradiated, glycerin free, ready to use and self-contained, the Green Line is specifically developed for single use applications. The extractable level of the hollow fibre membranes is 80x less than that of glycerin conditioned membranes. 

Green Line crossflow hollow fibre assemblies offer complete flexibility, and can be designed and made to fit.

Time Savings

With no need for time consuming cleaning validation,  you can save over 5 hours of facility time compared to reusable flat sheet cassettes. Which can soon add up to a saving of several months for a drug development project.

This is achieved by eliminating rinsing, integrity testing and NWP, cleaning, cassette removal and storage operations.

Cost Savings

WaterSep’s hollow fiber products can decrease your filtration costs by 4-6 times at pilot and small production scale, extending to an even bigger saving at larger scale.

By providing reductions in labour and process time, together with savings on the cost of DI water and excess buffer.

The cost savings makes the Green Line hollow fibre cartridges ideal for process specific single use crossflow assemblies with single use sensors, pumps, flowmeters and single-use bags for pilot and process applications.

Are you looking for a different solution?

Steamer Line

Autoclavable, gamma irradiated, reusable cartridges designed for perfusion and aseptic applications.​

Re-Use Line

Low binding m-PES membrane enables reliable crossflow, high product flux and easy cleaning.