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Stem Cell Media

Available in both xeno-free 
or serum‑free formulas

Stem Cell Media – Mesenchymal stem cells 

Stem Cell Media is formulated to deliver maximal expansion or optimal differentiation of MSCs.

These chemically-defined, serum-free stem cell media formulations are aimed to minimise risk from adventitious agents and deliver lot-to-lot consistency in results. Making it ideally suited to support cell therapy applications at any stage, from research through to manufacturing.

Mesenchymal stem cells and stromal cells (MSCs) are used in clinical trials due to their immune modulatory properties and multipotent differentiation potential to form cartilage, bone and other cell types. However, because these stem cells and stromal cells exist in small populations, the ability to expand these progenitor cells in vitro is a limiting step in utilising MSCs for cell therapy applications.

The Expansion Serum-Free Medium and Differentiation media are manufactured under cGMP and are designed for research use or further manufacturing applications.

Expansion Media

Complete ready-to-use media formulated to deliver maximal expansion of MSCs from a variety of sources while maintaining functionality.

This expansion media is targeted to support optimal and reliable expansion of human MSCs while retaining morphology, marker expression, immunosuppressive function, and differentiation potential over multiple passages.

Differentiation Media

Media specially formulated for the robust differentiation of MSCs and amniotic fluid-derived stem cells (AFSCs) into osteogenic, chondrogenic, or adipogenic cells.

This differentiation media offers the convenience of complete, ready-to-use, serum-free media formulated for optimal differentiation into bone, cartilage, and adipose cells.

A Complete Solution for Cell Processing

With a strong company focus of providing complete solutions to our customers, we already offer extensive complimentary products to this media range through cell culture processing and storage solutions.

To further discuss the range of stem cell media, and how we can help you. Please contact us, or request a callback at a convenient time to suit you.
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