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Bioprocess Bags & Containers

We offer a full range of bioprocess bags and containers, including single-use bioprocess bags, bioprocessing carboys and plastic vessels. From standard sterile bags, to fully bespoke single-use systems. For use in bioproduction, laboratory, cell culture, vaccine production & upstream processing.

What are Bioprocessing Bags?

Bioprocessing bags are a flexible and customisable solution used for the safe handling of liquids within a bioprocess environment. Bioprocessing bags are used from small-scale research through to full-scale production.

They are made from a multilayer film which offers biocompatibility, chemical compatibility, barrier and strength properties, to ensure the media is handled safely.

Types of Bioprocessing Bags and Containers

Bioprocessing Bags – Bioprocess Carboys – UK Distributor

The market-leading, reliable bioprocessing containers we supply can integrate into your new/existing process or application.

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