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Single-Use Systems

BioPharma Dynamics have a strong history of providing the cutting-edge in single-use technology. Working with the market-leading component suppliers, to offer a complete solution to suit whatever your application requires. 

What is Single-Use Technology?

Single-Use technology is an alternative to traditional stainless steel systems that are used in bioprocessing. Single-Use systems offer many advantages over traditional manufacturing processes, including eliminating costs inherent with stainless steel products such as cleaning, validation costs and labour costs.

Benefits of Single-Use Technology?

How can Single-Use benefit you? This handy guide highlights areas that Single-Use can be used to enhance or improve your current process set up. A common misconception is that single-use is too expensive or wasteful, but in actual fact, it can help to reduce costs & waste in many areas, providing significant savings over all.

Little or no cleaning required
Ready-to-use, fully gamma-irradiated
Require less space, allowing for more flexible manufacturing
Reduced risk of product cross-contamination
Reduced time to market & improved batch turn-around times
Reduced consumption of water and chemicals
Decrease in capital investment and easy to modify
Fully adaptable to specific application
Can be integrated with existing stainless-steel systems


Every single-use product we offer, is suitable for use in high purity processes with complete validation packages available upon request.

BSE/TSE statements are readily available for our product range where relevant, along with extractables studies on many of the products. All products are shipped with a lot number and are traceable back to the origin of supply and copy certificates are filed at our premises ensuring that any replacement certificates, if needed, can be supplied in a timely manner.

BioPharma Dynamics and all our suppliers fully welcome audits from our customers, to confirm that we are meeting the required standards of the Biopharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry. We can also arrange a visit to understand the gamma irradiation process and why it can be trusted in your on-going audit.

We hold ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 classifications and you access our ISO Certificates here.

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