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Bioprocess Sampling Systems

Single-Use Sampling Systems

Bio-Simplex™ Sampling Manifold System

Sampling Manifold Systems are typically used for aseptic sampling in cell culture applications, the system is engineered to ensure an unobstructed fluid path, extremely low levels of extractables and a secure elastomeric seal between closure and bottle. Reducing the risk of cross-contamination while delivering significant additional time and cost savings in the areas of assembly, cleaning, and cleaning validation.

Economically designed for the single-use market, Bio-Simplex™ Sampling Manifold Systems are available with either four, six, eight or ten 60ml sampling bottles and an additional 500ml purge bottle at the end of the manifold.

Each 60ml bottle is connected to the Bio-Simplex™ manifold with 10 inches of tubing with a clamp, an EZ Top container closure, a 0.2 µm vent filter and polyethylene cap.

Bio-Simplex™ Sampling Manifolds are easily used with sterile connecting devices and thermal tubing sealers. They are sold double bagged and gamma irradiated. With a carrying tray (as shown), designed for up to ten 60ml sample bottles.

Key Features - BioSimplex Sampling System

Designed for single use
Unobstructed fluid path
Extremely low levels of extractables
Easily used with sterile connecting devices and thermal tubing sealers
Available in four-, six-, eight- and ten-bottle configurations
System also includes purge bottle and carrying tray
System delivered double-bagged and gamma irradiated

Typical Applications

Aseptic sampling
Sterile additions
Cell culture

Traditional Stainless-Steel Sampling Systems

Kest-Sampling Unit

The Kest-Sample is a sampling device which enables sampling at controlled conditions. The sampling unit consists of a holder with ports for 8 samples.

The design of the sampling unit secures self-sealing of the sampling membrane after each penetration, and the complete unit is designed for CIP/SIP applications.

The sampling membrane is to be penetrated by a hypodermic needle, which is to be connected with a hose to a sampling bag or bottle, for collection of the sampled liquid.

Each penetration position is only to be penetrated once, when all 8 ports have been penetrated, the membrane in the sample unit is replaced by a quick and simple operation.

The Kest-Sample system is designed to be fitted to a standard TC-ferrule, which conforms to ISO 2852.

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