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Immune Cell Media

T Cell – Immune Cell Media

Chemically defined, animal component-free immune cell media for the expansion and cultivation of T cells of human origin. The formulation is optimised to deliver consistently vigorous growth while maintaining T cell functionality and potency.

Offering the ability to scale-up to various automated bioreactors with increased speed for T cell culture, it is fully optimised for immune therapy and research.

The PRIME-XV T Cell CDM is a scalable formula for static and dynamic automation systems. Manufactured under cGMP regulations and designed for research use or further manufacturing applications.

Optimal Performance

Supports vigorous T cell growth in static and dynamic automation systems while maintaining functionality
Provides lot-to-lot consistency for reliable formulation composition
Eliminates the adverse effects undefined components cause on T cell phenotypes
Supports polarization to targeted T cell types such as Th1 and T regulatory cells

NK Cell – Immune Cell Media

Chemically-defined animal component-free medium for the ex vivo expansion of natural killer cells.

Designed for use in NK and NKT cell-based immunotherapy research and translational applications, this advanced formulation delivers growth while maintaining NK and NKT cell functionality and potency.

Providing efficient ex vivo expansion of NK and NKT cells in a chemically-defined medium (CDM) designed to deliver high lot-to-lot consistency. The Animal component-free (ACF) formulation helps to minimise the risk from adventitious agents.

The PRIME-XV NK Cell CDM can facilitate a seamless transition from preclinical to clinical research. Manufactured under cGMP regulations, it is designed for research use or further manufacturing applications.

Optimal Performance

Efficient ex vivo expansion of NK and NKT cells in a chemically-defined medium (CDM) designed to deliver high lot-to-lot consistency
Animal component-free (ACF) formulation helps to minimize the risk from adventitious agents
Formulated to support NK and NKT cells derived from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)

A Complete Solution for Cell Processing

With a strong company focus of providing complete solutions to our customers, we already offer extensive complimentary products to this media range through cell culture processing and storage solutions.

To further discuss the range of immune cell media, and how we can help you. Please contact us, or request a callback at a convenient time to suit you.

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