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Reusable Hollow Fibre Crossflow Filtration

ReUse Line Hollow Fibre Cartridges

The ReUse Line hollow fibre cartridges and assemblies are designed for multiple uses.

Integrating the anti-fouling and low protein binding, modified polyethersulfone (m-PES) membrane, the cartridges are able to be cleaned, stored and used repeatedly.

The ReUse Line cartridges maintain high process flux and low hold up volumes while gently processing cells, biomolecules or viruses.

Reusable up to 20x

Made for reuse, clean these cartridges with 0.5 – 1.0 N NaOH, store in 0.1 N NaOH, rinse and reuse twenty (20x) times or more depending upon cleaning efficiency.

8X Reduction of Membrane Cost

The production scale ReUse Line cartridge are just 10% of the cost of flat sheet cassettes, offering with a savings of 90% on cost of goods.

Easy Scalability

Choose a wider diameter cartridge with larger membrane surface area and the same length to scale from lab samples to process batches with no change in performance.

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Green Line

Gamma irradiated, glycerin free, ready to use, specifically developed for single use applications

Steamer Line

Autoclavable, gamma irradiated, reusable cartridges designed for perfusion and aseptic applications.