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Is AdvantaPass right for your process?

Together we can create a complete solution to aid your process.

Complete our short form to identify your pass-through needs and understand if the AdvantaPass is right for you, we will then contact you to discuss your application.


Alternatively you can contact us, or request a callback at a convenient time to suit you.

    What is the thickness of your room wall (measured outside to outside)?

    What is the material of the interior wall?

    What is the material of the exterior wall?

    What components will pass through? This will help in determining the dimensions of the AdvantaPass portal assembly.

    a. What is the size of the largest component?

    b. How many tubes will pass through?

    c. What are the ID(s) and OD(s) of the tubing?

    d. What type of tubing?


    e. How long is the clean side tubing?

    f. How long is the dirty side tubing?

    Do you require air purge ports on the AdvantaPass?

    YesNoNot Sure

    What size AdvantaPass do you require?

    What are the dimensions of the space allotted for AdvantaPass?

    Any other comments or questions?

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