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SciPres – Single Use Pressure Sensors

SciPres - Single Use Pressure Sensors from Parker SciLog

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SciLog offer a wide range of programmable pumps, to suit your process needs, including precision metering, dispensing and TFF flow.

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The SciPres Single Use Pressure Sensors accurately measure the pressure within your process. Allowing for programmability, they are a fully automated, walk away system, that gives peace-of-mind. The SciPres pressure sensors can handle up to 3 pressure sensor inputs (P1, P2 and P3) simultaneously and have a user selectable readout permitting the display of transmembrane pressure (TMP) and differential pressure (dP).

Each sensor is preprogrammed and barcoded with a unique ID for easy traceability and data documentation when combined with the SciLog SciDoc software.

Factory calibration data is also stored on each sensor's chip for out-of-box, plug and play use. The SciPres comes in 5 different sizes to fit a variety of tubing sizes: Luer, 3/8" barb, 1/2" barb, 3/4" Sanitary, and 1.0" Sanitary.

SciPres® Single Use Pressure Sensors - Range & Accuracy

Pressure range: -5 to 60 psi
Pressure accuracy: ± 0.30 psi

Key Features - Single Use Pressure Sensors

Certified Calibration
Autoclavable & NaOH stable
Performance Tested
Scalable, Five Sizes
Real-Time Documentation

Can optimise existing systems such as...

Aseptic filtration
Reverse osmosis
Ultrapure water
Bags and manifolds
To further discuss the Single Use Pressure Sensors, and how we can help you to find the perfect solution to keep your process under control. Please contact us, or request a callback at a convenient time to suit you.
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