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Sani-Tech Sanitary Silicone Tubing

We offer an excellent selection of Saint-Gobain Sani-Tech platinum-cured silicone tubing, for a variety of applications.

The Sani-Tech sanitary silicone tubing is ultra pure biopharmaceutical-grade tubing, that boasts a use life unrivalled by any other tubing range.

The innovative design allows the Sani-Tech silicone tubing to become resistant to temperature extremes, ozone, radiation, moisture, compression sets, weathering and chemical attack, protecting your fluid transfer & ensuring the integrity of your process.

Sani-Tech Ultra Silicone Tubing

The Sani-Tech Ultra range is the market-leader in sanitary silicone tubing, produced by Saint-Gobain specifically for the biopharmaceutical market.

Understanding that fluid integrity is vitally important in biopharmaceutical applications. Sani-Tech Ultra silicone tubing is manufactured and packaged in a certified clean room from the finest grade of silicone materials. Ultra-low TOCs ensure that contamination by extractables is kept to an absolute minimum, and the formulation imparts no taste or odours.

Sani-Tech Ultra silicone tubing can be combined with Sani-Tech Sani-Link Ultra platinum-pured manifolds to create custom configurations for demanding biopharmaceutical applications.

Features & Benefits - Sani-Tech Ultra

Biopharmaceutical grade
Ultra-low extractables
Excellent flexibility
Laser etched for lot traceability
Available in custom lengths and durometers
Superior pump life
Fully autoclavable and sterilisable
Non-yellowing formulation
Imparts no taste or odours
Meets USP Class VI, European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9 and FDA criteria*

Typical Applications:

Sterile fill and transfers
Drug delivery
Media processing
Sanitary peristaltic pump tubing
Cell harvest
Production filtration and fermentation
Bioreactor process lines

Sani-Tech STHT-C Silicone Tubing

This silicone tubing can withstand repeated autoclaving and sterilisation methods, but also resists the adherence of blood products & other sanitary fluid transfer.

Sani-Tech STHT-C Silicone Tubing, in 1/16'' ID and greater, comes with laser-marked part numbers and lot codes to provide total product traceability.

Features & Benefits - Sani-Tech STHT-C Silicone Tubing

Ultra-pure biopharmaceutical-grade silicone
Unsurpassed surface smoothness
Autoclavable and sterilisable
Temperature range from -80°F (-62°C) to 500°F (260°C)
Imparts no taste or odours
Laser-marked part numbers and lot codes (1/16'' ID and greater)
Color striping available
Available in bulk or custom assemblies and multiple length coils
Meets USP Class VI, European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9 and FDA criteria*

Typical Applications:

Sterile fill and transfers
Drug delivery
Media processing
Sanitary peristaltic pump tubing
Laboratory use

Sani-Tech SIL-250 Extended Life Silicone Tubing

Sani-Tech SIL-250 Silicone Tubing is a high-performance, extended-life, platinum-cured silicone product, which is specifically designed to suit peristaltic pump applications. Its unique structure & characteristics helps to reduce any production downtime due to pump tubing failure.

The tubing has an extremely smooth inner surface that helps minimize the risk of particle entrapment during sensitive fluid transfer.

Features & Benefits - Sani-Tech SIL-250 Silicone Tubing

Lasts up to five times longer than other platinum silicone tubing
Minimal extractables help maintain fluid integrity
Ultra-smooth inner bore reduces potential particle entrapment
Documented biocompatibility for sensitive applications
Excellent fluid flow characteristics
Taste-free and odor-free
Meets USP Class VI and FDA criteria

Typical Applications:

Production filtration and fermentation
Sterile fill lines
Media processing
Cell harvest collection systems
Chemistry and blood analysis
Liquid chromatography
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