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PharmaFluor® FEP fluoropolymer tubing

PharmaFluor® FEP fluoropolymer tubing meets the highest demands of biopharmaceutical, medical and laboratory applications, making it ideal for high purity transfer in applications such as Cell Therapy.

This FEP Tubing has outstanding chemical and physical characteristics and can be used in a broad range of temperatures, from -100°F (-73°C) to 400°F (203°C).

Resisting the absorption/adsorption of fluids, FEP Tubing minimises the risk of fluid alteration in single use or repeat use bioprocessing applications. PharmaFluor tubing is also virtually unaffected by chemical sanitisers and cleaners and can be cleaned repeatedly without decreasing its service life.

Features and Benefits:

Chemically inert
Documented biocompatibility
Fully characterised
Extremely low sorption characteristics
Fully sterilisable via autoclave or gas
Excellent barrier with very low permeability

Typical Applications:

Sterile filling and dispensing systems
Insulin Production
Diagnostic equipment
General laboratory use
Cell and tissue culture transport
Analytical and process equipment in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and environmental fields

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