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C-Flex Tubing

C-Flex Tubing is the most popular and widely used TPE tubing used in the Life Sciences industry, engineered to meet the critical demands of the sector. This range allows tubing to be welded and sealed as well as offering a solution when permeability is a main consideration in your application.

Available in a wide variety of sizes & choice of wall thickness, there is an C-Flex Tubing option available for most applications.

C-Flex Standard Tubing

Each coil of C-Flex tubing is extruded to precise ID (internal diameter), OD (outer diameter) and wall dimensions. All C-Flex tubing is formulated to meet the standards of the biopharmaceutical industry and is QA tested before leaving the production facility.

Features & Benefits:

Complies with USP 24/NF19, Class VI standards
Manufactured under strict GMPs
Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic, non-hemolytic
Chemically resistant to concentrated acids and alkalis
Significantly less permeable than silicone
Low platelet adhesion and protein binding
Remains flexible from -50°F to 275°F
Heat-sealable, bondable and formable
Sterilisable by radiation, ETO, autoclave or chemicals

Typical Applications:

Cell culture media and fermentation
Diagnostic equipment
Pharmaceutical, vaccine and botanical product production
Pinch valves
High-purity water
Reagent dispensing
Medical fluid/drug delivery
Sterile filling and dispensing systems

C-Flex Braided Tubing

C-Flex braided tubing is an ultra-flexible, high-purity option for applications where thermoplastic tubing is desired but the pressure requirements exceed those that can be accommodated by a non-reinforced thermoplastic product.

Manufactured from the finest grade of thermoplastic materials – C-Flex formula 082; clear, animal derived component free resin; and reinforcing polyester braid – it is fully characterized, validated and tested to a variety of specifications.

Features & Benefits:

Biopharmaceutical grade
Pressure rating 5 times greater than unbraided options
Ultra-flexible, with improved bend radius over non-reinforced tubing
Autoclavable and gamma sterilizable
Temperature range of -50°F to 250°F (-45°C to 121°C)
Available in 25-foot lengths

Typical Applications:

Cell cultures
Vessel and tank transfer
Cold storage

To further discuss the C-Flex tubing range, and how we can help you. Please contact us, or request a callback at a convenient time to suit you.

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