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Steam-Thru Sterile Connector

Steam-Thru Sterile Connector from Colder Products, allows a quick and easy sterile connection between biopharmaceutical processing equipment and single-use bag and tube assemblies. The single-use design saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary cleaning procedures and reducing validation burden associated with reusable components.

Key Features - Steam-Thru Sterile Connector

Innovative three-port design
Patented valve design
Thumb latch/Tear-away sleeve
ADCF-free materials

Benefits - Steam-Thru Sterile Connector

Allows a true steam-through SIP process which eliminates "dead legs" and the need for laminar flow hoods
Allows sterile connection and disconnection and permits high media flow rate
Secures valve position, provides visual indicator of process stage
Speed connect to the process equipment and connect to popular sizes of flexible tubing

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