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Luer Fittings

We offer a broad selection of male luer and female luer fittings and connectors, luer adapters and luer accessories, with over 120 separate configurations.

Our luer fittings range from 1/16” (1.6 mm) to 1/4” (6.4 mm) IDs.

Available in nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), and other materials by special order

Luer-slip connectors

Luer-slip connectors simply conform to luer taper dimensions and are pressed together and held by friction (they have no threads). This mechanism is used for applications such as priming and flushing.

Luer-lock connectors

Luer-lock connectors (female) are joined by means of a tabbed hub on the female fitting that screws into threads in a sleeve on the male fitting and attaches securely. Male luer lock connectors are available with integral lock rings or with rotatable features to allow you to position the tubing before assembly. This locking mechanism is used for applications that require a secure connection.

To further discuss the bioprocess fittings range, and how we can help you. Please contact us, or request a callback at a convenient time to suit you.

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