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The Kest-Lock unites the advantages of a traditional TC-clamp with an aseptic tank connection, in a new innovative design. Kest-Lock with the unique quick coupling and the aseptic weld-in flange gives a flush surface inside the tank.

It is developed for critical applications where aseptic design, easy and safe handlings are essential, such as SIP/CIP processes.

Kest-Lock is developed with focus on the aseptic demands and user friendliness. The operation of the Kest-Lock requires no tools for connect or disconnect equipment. The design of the snap-rings makes it easy to connect equipment with a safe and simple snap action.


Developed from customer demands
Developed from long experience in pharmaceutical industry
Built on existing design with TC groove
Internal flush and curved design
No dead-leg
One hand operation, no tools required
Easy maintenance
Easy weld in
Quick connection
No loose parts


Mobile vessel
Swing bend panels
Docking connections
Quick and safe connection for disposable units
Sampling device
Calibration instruments
Pipe In-Line
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