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Zeta Plus™ Depth Filtration Solutions

Designed to make cell clarification by depth filtration fast, easy and clean.

The complete system is comprised of a holder, two manifolds and the desired number of capsules. The polycarbonate capsules feature a translucent shell that allows for easy fluid level observation.

Scale-Up Your Depth Filtration

Zeta Pluscapsules cater from benchtop to production scale, which allows for lab scale, pilot testing and scaleup with the same filtration media.

Available in three models — 16EZA, 16EZB and 16EZC — the Zeta PlusEncapsulated Systems are a convenient single-use depth filtration system for cell culture clarification. 

Ergonomically designed large filter holders

Both the Single Round (Model #16EZB) and Multi-Round (Model #16EZC) can be pivoted between horizontal and vertical positions, allowing for convenient loading and unloading, minimal footprint during filtration, minimal fluid spills during unloading, and full utilisation of the filter media. The pilot scale system (Model #16EZA) uses up to 3.2 m2 of depth filter media and is not designed to pivot..