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PureFlo® Z Series PES Capsules

PureFlo® Z Series PES filter capsules are gamma-irradiatable, easy-to-use filtration units, ideally suited for integration into single-use sterile assemblies.

The hydrophilic, asymmetric polyethersulfone (PES) membrane of the filter capsules demonstrates exceptional throughput capacity and flow performance in liquid applications.

The materials and design were carefully selected to ensure quick and reliable pre- and post- use integrity testing in critical biopharmaceutical applications.

The filter capsules are available in a complete spectrum of sizes, from disc capsule to full size capsules, ranging from 0.8cm² through to 2.3m² filtration area. Providing simplified scale-up throughout each stage of the drug development process.

Features and Benefits:

Hydrophilic and asymmetric PES membrane
Gamma-irradiatable and autoclavable
Optimal Flow
Animal-Derived Component Free
Broad Chemical Compatibility

Typical Applications:

Cell Culture Media
Final Drug Product
SizeOutside DiameterBody Length Without FittingsFiltration Area (cm2)
Single Layer (S)ZenFlo (ZS/XS)
Disc (D)16 – 973.7 – 100.8 – 600.8 – 60
Junior (JZP)4141260170
Mini (MZP)5960390 – 530360 – 500
Mid (SZV/SZL)71.552 – 257730 – 5100650 – 4500
Full (LZ)90279 – 10076400 – 270005700 – 23000

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