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Clean Rapid Transfer Ports (CRTP)

For clean, rapid and repeatable transfer
Single Use Beta Bags

Safe, efficient, contamination-free transfer of components into isolation. For use in conjunction with Alpha port isolator systems.

Clean Rapid Transfer Port (CRTP) was designed as a transfer solution for Life Science applications where sterility is critical, providing clean, rapid and repeatable transfer into or out of isolation. The port is mounted to the cell wall and acts as the alpha assembly, to be combined with a range of compatible beta options. 

The transfer port’s unique handle requires minimal handle rotation to break the seal on the beta container, reducing operator effort for safer handling. Whilst ensuring interchangeable beta mounts can be replaced without breaking containment. The design has eliminated exposed fasteners, to provide a smooth surface for easy cleaning.

Available in 105, 190, 270, 350 (mm) sizes, with Polypropylene Door, Stainless Steel Door or Liquid Transfer Door.

Interlocking System

The Clean Rapid Transfer Port features mechanical interlocks that prevent the improper operation of the transfer port. 

The interlocks are incorporated into the alpha flange and prevent actions that could compromise the containment
and sterility of the isolator, such as: the alpha port door from being opened when a beta flange has not been
docked, or the beta flange from being removed from the alpha flange when the alpha port door is open.

To further discuss the range of isolator transfer systems available, and how we can help you to find the perfect solution to keep your process under control. 

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