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Spin Bags

Spin Bags are a single-use solution for small-scale mixing applications from buffer and media preparations to final formulation. The SpinBag Mixing System offers a bench top mixing solution with exceptional process efficiency, ideal for small-scale applications.

Each of the Spin Bags contain a platinum-cured silicone coated magnetic spin bar, which when placed on a mixing plate, the spin bar rotates to create a vortex of motion for thorough mixing/stirring of fluid contents. 

Constructed using fully validated durable, particle-free film, every Spin Bag bioprocess container offers added seal strength, low gas permeability and optical clarity which can be heated to 60°C. Ensuring biocompatibility, durability, and protection from contamination. 

Spin Bags are available in a variety of sizes and port configurations to easily integrate within your application.

For a complete SpinBag Mixing System solution, we can provide a range of both standard and custom Spin Bags capable of handling volumes from 5L – 50L. When combined with the spin plate, the system is easy to operate, featuring digital control panels to adjust speed and set temperature accuracy.

Key Features and Benefits

Stores flat and ideal for preparation of cell culture media, buffers, bioreactor feeds, and suspension / re-suspension applications. Providing space-saving storage, quick set-up and changeover times.
Easily integrated with filters, sensors and pumping systems
Available with standard configurations, or a variety of ports and tubing options in non-irradiated or gamma irradiated
Platinum-cured silicone coated magnetic stir bar offers optimal mixing performance and eliminates the need to validate another material
Manufactured in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom

Spin Bag Configurations & Sizes

Available in two standard configurations in 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L and 50L sizes.

Upstream Spin Bags

  • 3-inch TC inlet port for inserting powders and liquids
  • 12-inch length of platinum-cured silicone tubing with 38 I.D.

Downstream Spin Bags

  • Two 38” inlet and outlet ports.

To further discuss the range of spin bags available, and how we can help you to find the perfect mixing solution for your process.

Please contact us, or request a callback at a convenient time to suit you.

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