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Cryopreservation Bags

Cryopreservation Bags allow for durable, transparent, and flexible storage down to liquid nitrogen temperatures. Traditionally featuring at least one PVC tubing length for sterile docking, the unique bag design allows for closed system processing.

The KryoSure® “F” bags use an untreated form of FEP film, include label pockets for identification, and offer FEP port covers for additional protection during cryopreservation.

The bags are also designed with rounded inside corners to reduce the risk of ice points that may cause damage.

KryoSure FEP overwraps and sterility covers can be used in addition to the cryopreservation bags.

Cryopreservation Bags – Key Features

Exit Port: FEP, ISO compliant spike port with septum. Protected from external contamination by an integral tear-open, tamper-evident cover.

Inlet Line: 4mm PVC tubing with a clamp. This can be removed prior to cryopreservation.

Identification: ISBT 128 compliant label pocket as part of bag design. Serial numbers are engraved into the label pocket and etched into the fill tube in three places providing unalterable segments for cross-identification.

Other types of ports, tubing and connections are available and can be customised to suit your needs.

ProductRecommended Process VolumeApprox. Maximum Fill VolumeApprox. Interior Surface Area (2 x Bag Face)Standard Ports and TubingQTY/Case


6 mL7 mL

28 cm²

1 isoprene injection port; 1 length of PVC tubing tube; 1 spike port

20-F20 mL55 mL144 cm²

1 spike port; 1 length of PVC tubing that goes to “Y” with 2 more lengths of tubing, one length sealed off, and one length with female luer port at end

62-F62 mL250 mL235 cm²2 spike ports; 1 length of PVC tubing with female luer at the end10
120-F120 mL480 mL362 cm²2 spike ports; 1 length PVC tubing, with segment numbers, with female luer at the end10
180-F180 mL625 mL451 cm²10

To further discuss our range of Cryopreservation Bags, and how we can help you. Please contact us, or request a callback at a convenient time to suit you.

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