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Bioprocess Totes

Available in sizes:

50L, 100L, 250L, 500L, 600L & 1000L

Bioprocessing Containers​

Cleanroom containers and bioprocess totes optimise upstream media storage, whilst lowering the profile of introducing buffer into your bioprocess. 

The customisable bioprocess totes fold for storage, have open access to drain tubes and deliver greater hygiene, ease of cleaning and validation.

Bag compatibility

Compatible with all 2D and 3D bioprocessing bag types. No cleaning required and verified at fit-to-fill meaning optimal production uptime.


Cleanroom containers can be modified to suit your process environment, Whether that is shape, size or matching bag port positions for filling, draining and processing. 

Collapsible and Stackable

Containers can be to folded down or stacked to save valuable laboratory and storage space.

Manual handling

Lightweight plastic make it user-friendly and ease to handle. 


Keep in rotation for years and replace panels as needed, to add to the lifespan of your fleet.


Spillage control and jet washable. Individual panels can be removed for cleaning.

Available in sizes:

10L, 50L, 200L, 500L, 1000L, 1000+

Rigid Plastic Cleanroom Totes​

Plastic cleanroom totes are safe and resilient, with smooth surfaces to inhibit bacterial growth, great for cleanroom hygiene.

With a range of off-the-shelf sizes, these lightweight, user-friendly totes can be customised to optimise your exact bioprocessing needs.

Dynamic Door

Eliminates hinges, slides, catches and bolts from the door mechanism. Meaning no bacterial growth areas. 


Plastic’s lightweight properties ease operator handling.


Fabricated in virgin plastic to inhibit bacterial growth. 


Reduce your process footprint by arranging items such as peristaltic pumps and filters on the bag tote itself. 

Bag compatibility

Compatible with all bioprocessing bag types. No cleaning required and verified as fit-to-fill meaning optimal production uptime. 

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