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We offer a wide range of market-leading filtration and fluid management solutions for Laboratory & Bioprocessing use.

Process Bottles and Flasks

Including Erlenmeyer Flasks, Shaker Flasks, Boston Square Bottles, Centrifuge Bottles and other Media Bottles.

Carboys and Top Assemblies

Class-leading Bioprocess Carboy range covers sizes from 2.5 Litres to 75 Litres, made from high quality Polyproplyene, HDPE and PETG. Available with EZ Top Caps and single-use EZ Top Assemblies for advanced sterile liquid handling and solution storage.


Disposable, sterile, vacuum operated bottle-top filter systems, PTFE & Nylon Membrane Filters and Vent Filters for Carboys for hydrophobic venting and solvent filtration.

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