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Air Management System

Air Management System from SMC

Compressed Air Management System

Level up your compressed air management by reducing the wasted air generated by your process equipment.

Introducing the AMS20/30/40/60 Series Compressed Air Management System from SMC

Reduce wasted air by up to 62%

The Air Management System monitors the machine standby conditions (when production stops) and automatically decreases the pressure, saving unnecessary air consumption.

  • Compatible with OPC UA, Ethernet and Profinet
  • Air consumption: Max. 62 % reduction
  • High security using encryption
  • Flow rate up to 4000 l/min at 0.7 MPa

Compatible with SMC wireless systems

No communication cable is required between the base and remote, reducing wiring work and space. Whilst also minimising the risk of disconnection.

The Air Management System can be retrofitted to existing equipment.

Benefits of Air Management System

Save energy and improve sustainability

Programmable automatic pressure reduction and shut-off times

Enhance your maintenance capabilities

Measurement and follow-up of flow, pressure and temperature

Digitalise your compressed air

Virtual control of parameters with fieldbus or OPC UA data collection

Reduce labour and wiring time

Wireless connection up to 100-metre range and 10 remote units.

Air Management System from SMC
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